Water and Wastewater Treatment
Advanced Processing and Membrane Technologies


11 November 2019, 9:00-17:00

Seminar Room 902-402

University of Auckland

Newmarket Campus

314-390 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, Auckland

Cost: Free (Limited to 50)

Lunch & refreshments are included

Registration Deadline: 1st Nov. 2019


The symposium aims to bring together networks of professionals from the industry and academia of different disciplines from New Zealand, Australia and Denmark to share and discuss experience of full-scale systems, innovative treatment strategies, cutting edge technologies, research & development in the area of water and wastewater treatment. 


This unique event also aims to promote interactions, to motivate discussions and to encourage collaborations among the participants. 

The symposium will specifically cover the following aspects:

  • Membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment - trends and developments

  • Thermal hydrolysis project in Rosedale Wastewater treatment plant

  • Water Reuse at Fonterra: Developments & Challenges

  • Design and Start-up of Membrane Systems

  • Hydrothermal processing of wastewater treatment sludge

  • Microplastics remediation from wastewater

  • Phosphorus recovery: the linkage between water quality improvement and resource management

  • Sludge Rheology and its impact on different process unit operation

The symposium is organised by the Department of Chemical & Materials Engineering, Waste & Biomass Processing Group and Membrane Research Group at the University of Auckland.


Getting there



If you have any question about the symposium or any problems with the registration page, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Saeid Baroutian (s.baroutian@auckland.ac.nz) or Dr Filicia Wicaksana (f.wicaksana@auckland.ac.nz).

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